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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 8, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> wok "red eye." it is like breaking bad if by bad you mean wind. two to tv's andy levi for the pregame report. what is coming up on the snow he. >> coming up, president obama says the nsa gathering phone and internet records is no big deal. glad that is settled. not even sure why we are talking about it to be honest. plus, who is to blame for bikinis be banned at the ms. world pageant in indonesia? the answer is no not all muslims. >> why you are have to hate on justin. he is just a man a making his way in this world. >> i would like to see him make
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his way in another world. >> spot your believer upon ganda all you want i'm unashame. >> you may be unashamed but you stink. >> i don't deny it. >> that is the thing that makes millions. let's welcome our guests. so hot that stolen watches try to sell her in sometimes square. fox and friends first coanchor pab pab. we calpatti ann browne patti an browne. we call her pab or pab. the bode cast aail volleyball on eye tunes. i spent an hour googling okay tu puss and okayty pie. and in italy he is considered a plunger. my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. sitting right next to me is imus in the morning executive producer bernard van guirken. bernie for short.
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>> hey, greg, are you getting shorter? >> o. >> hey. >> you went on value expectations and now he has a bit of an attitude. should we fear the government's ear? well, what a week for leaks on peaks. on friday president obama defended the no longer secret surveillance programs and reassured americans that no one is listening to your telephone calls. he explaind that collecting information about phone calls and internet traffic help prevent terrorist attacks and it is all subject to rigorous congressional oversight. haven't we heard that before? no, probably not. can't we have 100% security and also have 100% privacy and zero inconvenience? >> you can't have 100% security and also then have 100% pry sat satcy and zero inconvenience. >> thanks for getting back to
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me. the secret programs shock the faith of certain familiars of bam. declared "the administration has now lost all credibility but later softened to say it has lost all credibility on this issue. i'm going to start trying that with fortune cookies. anyway, it is clear the blowback has rattled the president to his very core leaving him speechless. >> good morning, everybody. it is a wounder to see all of you and i want to thank everybody who is here. i think there is only one problem and that is that my remarks are not sitting here. things -- by friday afternoon things get a little challenged. ioh goodness. >> the staffer was later executed. not so funny now, "red eye"
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panelist. >> funnier. >> is it? >> you do laugh at the suffering of others. >> well, it is not me. that is why i'm laughing. if i were executed no laughs here. >> no, you wouldn't. >> i would be dead. >> pab, president obama says this is really no big deal so we're good. >> yeah. no. >> no? >> coming up. >> you know, i do respect the idea that it is helping them find the patterns and maybe helping to track down the terrorist groups but at the same time you have to ask at one costs and they keep on assuring us before they can go further and analyze the data it has to go through the foreign intelligence and sur railance is court. last year they had 1,789 requests for wiretapping. do you know how many were approved? >> how many? >> 1,789. it is just basically rubber stamping. and with james rosen they were able to get the war ran saying he is a flight risk. doesn't seem like it is that big a jump to say that maybe they could get the
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authorization to go further with another ordinary citizen. >> let's be clear james rosen is a flight risk if you sat next to him. the man cannot hold his liquor. seriously. i like the way you set me up with the question. you asked me how many and they were exactly the same. that was so unfair. so unfair. anthony gait to see you. congratulations. i don't even know what for. but somehow there is always something going on in your life that requires congratulations. >> having a big party tomorrow. >> not invited to that one that you that is okay. collecting information from the internet. >> yes. >> which makes sense because that is how people communicate in the times. for example going after aol. >> look out. you've got terrorism. that is a little jut dated. i don't think the government needs to know i send like 20 pictures of kittens to people every day. but i think more people are afraid of embarrassment than they are any type of criminal
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activity. >> perhaps. you but i don't -- here is the thing, bernie. we discussed this yesterday on the show called the o'reilly factor. >> oh, yes. >> it was -- we always have a great time there and then afterwards you and me and him go out and we share a tiny steak. >> gin before the show and then steak and cocktails. >> shirtless in the steam room. >> afterthe searches they say must be justified by probable cause. if al-qaeda says something from pakistan we get it because that is what we do. is that okay? >> i think it is okay. i happen to be down with what president obama said before. i mean look, you know, how soon we forget 9/11 and the boston bombing. everybody is like how come the fbi didn't catch it. well, look, if they are doing this -- they didn't -- it remains incuplikable that they are doing this and didn't catch the boston bomber. ericer, this is not hellholes' holder's department of
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injustice. these are people you should trust and if you are not doing anything wrong you have nothing to hide. >> the tsa thing you wouldn't really worry about except you have seen what happens to innocent people under the irs. makes you go i want to trust them and people say the nsa is completely different and maybe that is true. >> that is the credible thing. they lost with the irs and justice department so now suffer in this regard. you want to be safe or you want to be -- >> safe from what also? they have been talking about terrorism. they are doing this to fight terrorism but not really defining terrorism. it could just be people that have a different political ideology than the administration. if you see what happened with the irs that is happening. >> how does the nsa have any credibility? 20 years ago we didn't know they existed. they have been around for a long longer than that. and just come to realize this is a gigantic agency other than the cia doing things like this
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for eons. well, not eons. >> i thought the nsa was a boy band. >> it is. >> i went to see them and there was nobody there. here is the thing. i raise this question and it confuses me. if we knew something like this program could have stopped 9/11 we would have wanted it. however, if it stopped 9/11 then we would never have the conversation or the program. invented. therefore we would have 9/11. so actually there is actually discuss this. >> unless you got a delaurean. >> full of cocaine. >> i mean you are making the point that a lot of this started during the push administration and be -- bush administration and people are accused of hypocrisy for being against it now and for it then. you wonder how did russia warn us about the boston bombers, we should take a closer look at these two guys. we didn't do that but we are doing all this other stuff.
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what is working and what is not working. >> more obvious and in furiating is knowing what the fort hood shooter they had that information. they had that information but decided not to because they were fearful of being called aus as an islamaphobic entity. >> and could it be that it is too much information? by that i mean, yes, they got this information from russia but if they are busy listening to everything does the important things get lost in the shuffle? >> the equivalent to that is the tsa. does the tsa have to search the 88-year-old grandmother because they don't want to look like they are just search the islamic fundamentalists? >> can i make this following observation. >> i would love you to. >> the scandals swirl, around the obama administration very nixonian like. like the 1970s all over again. the economy stinks. the political scandals with the administration and then looking at anthony and bill's clothes.
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ugly clothes are back so it is at 1970s. >> retro. >> could disco be far behind. >> and pab looks like stevie knicks in the good years. >> i think fai farrah. >> a little barbara mandrel. >> she is stevie merc ownian. >> the way to wrap it all around. >> from the nsa to bannin bannt and a. being weenies about bikinis. this year's miss world pageant is held in indiciaeia where 90% of the population is muslim and because of the protest of what is described as a small but vocal con tinge epiof religious conservatives pageant organizers will not allow pittsburghs to be part of the -- bikinis to be part of the swim suit competition. they will have more modest one
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pieces. and what is no known as the beach fashion show portion of the pageant will be taped in front of the judges and organizers rather than shot live before the whole audience. you thought i was going to say they would be shot. finally something i can enjoy with my family which is what i call a box of rodents i keep under my bed because i'm a lonely man. speaking of disappointments. >> who saw that coming? >> i don't know he but i'm not paying them. well, i will pay half because they will probably beat me up. although i do pay them to beat me up so all works out under the guise of hiring them for construction work when i just want to be baiten by large men.
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incompetent large men, bernie. you must be outraged by this? >> i'm disappointed by this. when i was in the peace corps i spent a lot of time in indonesia and in borneo the second coming of the wild man in borneo. for them to cover the poor women up is disgraceful and do they care about tv ratings? i guess not. >> you were in the peace corps? >> no. >> i didn't think so. [ laughter ] >> somehow i just didn't see you. >> as in getting a piece corps. i bet you had a t-shirt that said that. >> is this respect for a culture or campaign manager pit fear?capitulation out of >> i think it is silly that they would take the pageant here in the first place. the majority of their religion detests women. it upsets them for some reason.
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any need all wrapped 77. who needs a beauty panellen at this point? they have the internet. >> i don't understand these things any more. >> is that your phone? >> no, it is a harp! >> oh, my god. >> you have the world's sexiest pacemaker. pab, why are the pageant organizers caving? what are they afraid of? what are they really afraid of? what happens if they ke decideo just do bikinis? >> i think it is probably choice a for the previous question that they are caving in to the minority of religious conservatives who are putting a lot of pressure on them. honestly i am so opposed to the whole pageant thing because there are beauty pageants. rename them whatever they want and say about the talent and achievements and the promise you have for changing the world but you can doal of that without also rating their chest size and get the. >> no, you can't. >> get the women out there who are finding the cure for cancer and let them get some awards.
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why do you have to put beauty in it? >> it is beauty on the inside that they are judging then i guess mother teresa would have been a contender? >> exactly. >> that is not really a panel end. >> i reject what you just said. why can't you cure cancer and have an amazing rack? >> why are we eliminating people who are into the beautiful. nothing wrong with having a show with beautiful women strutting around in bikinis. >> there is nothing than sickens me more than late night talk shows that have attractive women on the end of the table. what in god's name is that? by the way, these religious conservatives give a small minority a bad name and i am a small minority. bill, you were booted from the 1987 miss worldcom petition when they discovered you were a sequential her are half rotate.
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lad did i gaga had to cancel her concert there for fear of violence. they. nobody is saying that is what this is. organizes decided to do this because they didn't want the place burned down. >> completely. we are thinking there is some sort of like you mentioned the ratings or the fact that he capitulated to the bikini rules. this is one-by-one billionaire that lives in jakarta. he doesn't care about the bikinis report ratings. he is there for one thing and one thing only. to add to the hai harem. he is there to f all of them. it is all a twice. that is what the billionaires do. >> how dare you slander billionaires. billionaires are the greatest people in the world because they might pay me some money. >> you don't know what i meant by f. i could have said be friends. >> shut up. >> from smile smiles to trials. all a nanning of manning.
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even the guy from princess bride is on his side. a bunch of celebrities including the adorable wallace shawn i will be the judge of that released an i am bradley manning video in support of the army whistle blower whose trial started this week. u.s. military prosecutors accuse manning of jeopardizing national security by leaking to wiki leaks. most notably an american helicopter opening fire on iraqi citizens. if convicted the 25-year-old could get life in jail. a lifters and fame hungry journalists include praise his courage while protesting his plight. take a look, look takers. ♪ >> he saw incredible things. aahle things. things that belonged in the public domain. >> and not on some servers stored in a dark room in washington, d.c. >> what would you do?
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>> what would you could? >> what would you do? >> i am bradley manning. >> no, you're not! you are not! you are -- >> inconceivable! >> yes, inconceivable! i love the science thing. the video recommends that manning be awarded a noble peace prize. i don't know about you but i could go for some puppy who sounds like a baby action right now. >> that was a let down. this is a saturday show. do better than that, all right? bernie, why would the celebrities choose bradley manning? >> because they hate this country. oliver stone was the guy who said that hitler was misunderstood. he said, that oliver stone. >> in the conspiracy show or something yes. >> huttered those comments to a british newspaper.
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the fun nun any skank, russell brant who cares what he thinks. i have to read the facts more but -- >> he might be worthy of death but i haven't read everything on this. quickly, pab, what do you make of this? >> difficult. celebrities in their defense i think that they mean well and they want to stick up for somebody who they see as a whistle blow. it's cool, pab. >> most the stuff that he allegedly exposed was out there already and also he didn't go through the proper channels. if he really wanted to raise a stink about the things that he objected to you don't go to wikileaks yes. >> was in the army in a war zone and putting out information about iraq operations, afghanistan operations and he is in the army. it is treasonous. >> why they would defend him. >> it is cool. >> and killing muslims and follow some reason the liberals
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have such a soft spot in the hearts for the muslims who have the neanderthal views. >> they would rather go after america than the people who want to detroy us. a minute left. anthony? >> i don't know much about this issue. i just anything that people like sean penn are for i'm against and vice versa. it is all for i guess it is all for publicity. they like their face out there. what happened to kone? >> we are not talking about coney island. >> he is on cbs now. >> the cause du jour. amazing. >> bill? >> the defense department guy that leaked the pension papers. in, indeed, all of that stuff was out there the fact that this guy was in solitary confinement for a year. >> he was not actually in solitary confinement. >> for three years he was locked up but for one year in solitairely confinement.
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>> do you know what is shady? >> sun glasss. >> a really nice tree he. we don't have the time to read the piece. it was
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♪ how could a place to great inspire such hate. that is the question the superliberal residents of cambridge, massachusetts, are asking themselves after the boston bombing, a terrorist act allegedly committed by two residents. they are struggling to square the accusations against the tsarnaev's, i never how to pronounce that [ bleep ] name. with the tolerance inherent in the deeply per verse and long protessive city. 75 native languages are are spoking in the high school that the younger [ bleep ] attended.
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one 55-year-old man can't help but wonder if they haven't doing enough. saying maybe the acceptance to that blinds to us the fact there may be more difficulty than people realize. it is our fault. sounds like a teachable moment to me. here is another one. ♪ >> that was pointless. >> that was pointless. somebody is getting their walking papers. anthony how could someone who grew up surrounded by all of these amazing progressive saints have turned out the way the terrorists did? it doesn't seem possible? >> obviously we are to blame. cam bridge sounds like a town i would like up in in a twilight episode. one of the progressive living hell of liberal dribble
11:25 pm
untolerant and tolerant. >> lack tows tolerant. >> i'm tolerance intolerant. i'm not very tolerant. >> pab. almost as is if and correct me if i'm wrong a new idea that radical islamists don't like us no matter what. >> the people of cambridge seem to think that they could have just hugged this out and that everything can be solved if you just show people enough love and that you can always get through to them that way and you know they are underestimating the power of radicalization and once the islamism takes over the radicalization like that you can't just hug it out. >> you can't hug it out. >> you can't love them enough. >> a great slogan for something. like i don't know diseases of certain kinds you can't hug out venereal disease. i see it on a bus, a lot, bernie. what should cambridge do about this? create a welcome terrorists week? make it friendlier?
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>> the fact that waking up is refreshing. they are like the liberal who got mugged and turn inside a conservative. sort of a theme running through the topics here tonight. with bradley manning and oliver stone and russell. if oliver stone had an 8-year-old son blown up in a terror attack he wouldn't be defending the guy who put out information that tried to favor muslims or whatever. in other words, it is a good thing we are a nation of suckers. why did we let the tsarnaevs in here ten years ago. the impoverished from the terrorist area. let's wake the hell up. a bunch of must lips on a list -- muslims on the hard list. throw them out and legalize a hard working mexican in the country just to prove it is not xenophobic. >> bill, cambridge has a ban on
11:27 pm
you for a good reason because you are a jerk. not really a question. is that true? >> i haven't been in awhile. look it up on wiki speedia. >> i agree with everything that you guys are saying and next time you go to boston boycott cambridge and go to dorchester and see how long it takes before you get shaked by a david ortiz bobble head doll. >> that was the most amazing thing ever. >> they will be shopping in cambridge you better leave it! >> i have no idea what just happened. all righting, coming up, should unattractive people live on a separate part of the earth away from the rest of humanity? pab papatti ann browne patti ann browne discusses her new book. does coffee in your lap merit a
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lawsuit? not really, i pay someone to do that to me. i kid.
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should she be rolling in dough for wearing a cup of joe. a texas woman is suing united airlines for $170,000 claiming she was injured after hot coffee was spilled on her during a flight. she says she suffered second-degree burns resulting in permanent scarring. i almost got the same thing from a mechanical bull.
11:32 pm
she claims the flight attendant placed it into the tray when the passenger in front of her reclined. lightning round. >> lightning round. >> we always get mad about the frivolous lawsuits. if somebody puts coffee down there and the plane takes off and stuff and falls on you. >> sounds like another hot coffee joke. i feel bad for her. the question of whose fault it is. that is kind of tough. is the flight attendant supposed to tell the person in every seat do not decline i'm serving coffee. do not recline i'm serving coffee. >> i think we will no longer have coffee. >> it is possible. and who was the fat head in front of her so inconsiderate that he just jerked his seat back like that?
11:33 pm
>> we had this argument on "red eye" because i'm that guy. the guy that reclines very quickly. i'm a a jerk. >> you should be -- you should have to pay this lady. we did there on o'reilly yesterday and i thought initially that she just had a walk off the plane with brown stains on her pants like roker out of the white house. turns out she was scared and disfigured so she has a valid case. >> yeah. anthony, i think the blame should go on that little circle where you put the coffee. that thing doesn't do anything. >> nothing. >> you know what that is. that is like false advertising when you pull down the tray there is the little circle thing. >> it is fake like colorforms. crazy. barely there. first of all, don't you fly in first-class? doesn't anybody get the tray out of the arm rest. the guy in front of me has no bearing on what happens to me. doesn't everybody get a bloody mary? i don't know -- >> you are elitist.
11:34 pm
>> you are hurdling through the cosmos at hundreds of miles and hour. the second they put something hot in front of you that is your job now to pay attention. you are on a plane. you are flying. >> she might not have known. i would never leave coverfy there without my hand ton. turbulence, bill. bill, is plane is a thing in the sky you see when you wake up on the street. not really a bird made of metal. it transports people. i know that has confused and frightened you sometimes. >> can i still worship it? >> yes, you can. >> thank you. i set you up. freedom of religion, you all. part of being an american. first of you will, that is what a plane is, right? what is god ms name is coffee? >> a good point. i don't know. useused to be if you made a mistake people said it was a mistake. now, mistakes you sue. that is the way the world it. maybe she deserves money. fox news confirms a misfired e-mail alerted washington that conservatives
11:35 pm
groups were being targeted a year earlier than thought. irs managers in d.c. first learned about the extra scrutiny in july of 2010 the same month i had my third nipple remove. >> came back. >> this did come back. they keep growing. maybe it is not bad she says the e-mail was intended for a small group of irs workers but "everybody in d.c. got it by mistake. pab, do you ever get nervous you might enail the wrong person and reveal how much you hate them by accident? >> i don't hate anybody so that would never happen. >> do you like everybody? >> well, no. keep that between us. >> you know, i mean this doesn't prove that the obama administration ordered this to happen but it does prove that a whole lot of people found out about it and shrugged and didn't think it was worth doing anything about. >> interesting point. anthony, it is kind of amazing that this didn't come from
11:36 pm
great reporting just came from an errant e-mail. >> steamsteams to be how everyg happens with the social media and e-mailing and twitter all of the things come out of no where and seem to be discovered. i'm very leery about texting. i look now before i send. i made some errors in the past that have really caused some problems. >> see something delete something. >> i would like a delay where you can send and then it goes now do you really want to send it? >> it is going to consider. >> i want that. >> that is called reason. and you have it when you are sober are. >> right. >> it goes away -- that thing away. you know what drives me nuts is the predictive thing when you are sending an e-mail let's say you want to send it to bill schulz and let's say it is bill but sock ell and this is like really powerful in the company. >> please don't tell me that he got that. >> let's just say i had to send
11:37 pm
an e-mail afterwards saying that was for bill schulz. >> no wonder you were gone all last week! >> have you had any of the e-mail mishaps? >> i had a texting mishaps like that. yes. and i can't really talk about it here because my family is watching. but listen, you know, with -- maybe they were rushing out to the conference where they were all line dancing and somebody hit the send button. by the way, the lady in the conference with the broken leg or whatever, she was hot. that is all i'm saying. that worked for me. >> you know what it is, you like -- i won't get into that fetish. >> you know how many times i want to [ bleep ]. it is embarrassing. >> i'm trying to think what a to do with that. bill, remember that time you accidentally e-mailed all of tuesday your hepatitis diagnosis. >> yes, and now i'm he like a
11:38 pm
charity case. i figured out why i haven't gotten fired yet. because i like sending pictures with cute pics of nephews and you open it up and it is a picture of a bill elephant. no one opens up kids pictures. there isal of the e-mails if people opened up would see horrific things but they think it is my cute nephew. >> that is how spies should transmit information through like fictitious pictures of their kids because nobody wants to look at them. and if you want to kill somebody send like hot chick inside and when they open it up it explodes. i don't think the technology is there yet, though. >> the person or the male? >> the e-mail explodes. >> e-mail. see what i mean. i don't think it is ready yet for that. >> still in beta. >> if you can imagine it, it will happen. >> that is what my parents used to tell me and then they would send me off to some weird
11:39 pm
hospital. >> yeah. and look so many years later you finally made your own human centipede. >> true. on that know the time to take a break. more stuff when we come back. i'm not even sure i'm on tv right now. >> this isn't a show. >> i think my parent ares built this whole studio and you people are just card board cutouts. >> i'm the gardener. >> the joy of hate. autographed copy. a good
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do you root for your snefl. >> you can't unhear it. >> do you root for yourself? >> maybe that should be required. >> that is what i'm saying you should be roofied if you listened to something i sedz. -- said. >> i won't go that far. >> roofied if you do that or meet me in a bar is what it comes down do to. >> gres, i feel like you're applying your house rules. >> and probably less populated. anthony in terms of the internet data people are more
11:52 pm
concerned with embarrassment than"n criminal activity? >> speaking for yourself sir? >> yes. there would be a lot of embarrassment out there. >> okay. >> okay. birdie you said if you're not doing anything wrong you have nothing to hide. >> yes. >> who decides what is wrong? >> well, i do. >> no. listen. they have lost credibility on the issue and "new york times" said because of the justice department and irs but in this case they're trying to protect us. that is what⌜lñ they're doing. people have said they're listen together phone calls if you listen to uw/s(d local news, they're looking for patterns that, that(! is what he wanted to clarify. i have no problem with protecting us from the people that did themyñr boston bombin. >> except they are known to go after people for political purpose autos we trust the
11:53 pm
security officials that were appointed long ago. >> don't say we. >> you know, how soon we forget what happened on september 11th.w3 >> i will say, i think they're just thinking about, you can't say the government doesn't care about people likeñi me anymore. i don't want to hear that anymore. >> nobody does. >> what? nobody cares about you. >> i was making a joke. >> sorry. >> are you tired about this thing people saying andy how much freedom do you give up for safety? l is no math equation. we're as free as ever. >> are we? i feel free right now. >> because you're not wearing under wear. >> i know. >> orlpñr pants. >> no don't skol down. >> no bikinies in this year's miss world pageant. bernie you said covering up the poor women is disgraceful.
11:54 pm
>> me and betty used to have coffee down in the building years ago so. i'm down with the cause. >> before orw corps? >> right after the peace corps.'c and listen, they say -- it's just sort of covering up women in this day and age, i don't understand why people, liberals embrace this and protect it. the enemy of our enemy is our friends? i'm confused. >> well, bill have you no evidence the billionaire organize jer doing it because he wants to add to his hairem. he is happily married and has five wonderful children. >> i've got great children, they're not wonderful that. is all of the evidence i need. >> wait a minute. >> what? >> it is interesting but when you say these are feminists this is a feminist perspective they havet(ñr.
11:55 pm
>> yes. >> yes. >> oh. >> good. >> i don't know why i brought it up. >> bradley manning you said manning shouldn't have gone to kiw -- wiki electric leaks. >> you know what? can i interrupt? i believe who is leaking sit the white house. glenn greenwald is coming from the white house? >> no. i think there is something fishy about the prisons out there. >> that might have been done to sort of identify whot leaker is. >> interesting. >> ahhh. >> residents ringing their -- wringing their hands. bernie says it's kind of nice to see cambridge residents waking up. immigrants say they feel betrayed by the tsarnaevs
11:56 pm
after everything america has given them. >> you don't hear a lot of that from the muslim community this, outrage fu. say so, a agree with you. we're a nation of suckers to allow people in here who have a look what happened at england and france. muslims came in and it's just a mess. >> it's the end of our show, thank you. that does it for me, i'm greg gut feld and i shall see you next time.
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tonight on "huckabee" -- >> i'm extraordinarily proud to announce my new national security adviser susan rice. >> screw-up, cover-up, move up. the obama administration rewarding good soldiers who toe the company line while treating those who call out corruption like enemies of the state. >> not only are they losing their job and their livelihood and their income, they are actually facing jail time. >> government whistleblowers on why they risked everything to reveal the truth. >> i could not stand by and simply be eyewitness to the subversion of our own constitution.


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